What people are saying

Jørgen Andresen

Managing Editor, Dagbladet Børsen

"Marci sent Børsen on a most needed journey to get infographics in the newspaper that the readers can actually read and understand. With her help, Børsen came a long way in a very short period, and I highly recommend Marci for any company that wants rapid improvement. And by the way: She is also fun to work together with."

Joe Abe

Art Director, Joe Abe Design
New York City

In addition to her strong design and editorial skills, she has honed her understanding and expertise in the latest trends merging journalism and technology. In recent years Marci has added coding and app development skills, enhancing her ability to collaborate with journalists and technologists.

Kristijonas Žibutis

Co-founder of Startup, Match My Thesis

Marci did the design and front end development for our new Match My Thesis platform. Her design, navigation, and forms were clean and easy to follow. Marci really knows how to balance content to feel natural for users. Unlike many designers, she has the programing skills to bring ideas from initial sketch to a final working product. This is a huge asset in any development team.

Yeo Kheng Hui

Research Engineer,
Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R)

• Able to quickly draft clear designs and prototypes to help delineate concepts.
• Offers concrete suggestions and visual feedback to push the planning phase forward.

Previous Projects

Website in a week


Website for a new media startup. The client supplied the texts and photos, and I put the site together in less then a week.

Advanced webdesign and prototyping


A prototype designed for a startup– consisting of a homepage, login forms and student and company pages. I did the wireframes and user journeys.

Whitboards, wireframes and data base scheme at the start of the project

1.Initial whiteboarding to start designing the flow of the App.

2. Wireframes of different pages

3. After whiteboarding we worked on sketches to visualize the database, and then "drew" it in Le Wagon's DB visualizer.

4. More complete wire fraames to guide me in my programing and design of the pages

During coding...

1. Working in the terminal to do some magic in Ruby and Rails, and for project collaberation in Git was a part of every day for 3 weeks.

2. Part of a rails file used to seed the database for the first iteration and presentation of our app.

3. Working on the HTMl and CSS in Chrome's dev tools.

Screenshots of app pages designed and programed for the first presentation of the project (3 weeks after start date)

1. Home screen for webapp. In the nav bar the user has the ability to create a profile (either as a student or a company) and log in our log out. The first banner has a call to action (register). The second banner shows a few of the most recent cases. The third banner is a call to action as a student to register. The final banner is a map showing where Match My Thesis' companies and students are found in the world.

The Team

Kris Kibutis, Nathan Kuik and myself, Marci Papineau

Wordpress site with a Blog


Coded fully responsive 5 page Wordpress site. Features include pop up YouTube videos, a FAQ section, Geo location, and social media links.

Classic Print Design

Magazines and Newspapers... from Print to Digital

I have desinged for top magazines and newspapers in NYC and Copenhagen. You can see the wide variety of my print work on my older site here.

What's so special?




Java Script



Ruby and Rails



User Experience / User Journeys



Information Graphics

Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop

Ability and Desire to Learn New Technologies

A little about me


I have classical design training from New York City’s School of Visual Arts– that originally was focused for print.

Today, I am a Full Stack Designer and Developer at MarciPapineau.com.

I design and code websites, web apps and digital prototypes.

I started coding in HTML and CSS in 2013. In 2016 I Completed LeWagon’s full-stack coding bootcamp. (Rated number one bootcamp by Switchup.org). 9 weeks. 5 days a week. 10 + hours a day.

I have a specialty in Typography, HTML and CSS, and UX/UI.

At the moment, along I am Learning React and and boosting up my Java Script.

Friends with the command line and Git.

As a native New Yorker, I have a New Yorker's work ethic, and positive attitude. I am friendly and outgoing.

Dedicated and driven to learn the latest web technologies.

I know how to get things done and LOVE what I do.

If that sounds like someone you're looking for, give me a call!

I'd love to talk.

Sampling of Clients

Aktivfoodie.com [code + design + UX/UI]

Bonnier Publications [design]

Bloodlink.life [code]

Børsen [design]

DesignToGo.dk [design + code]

Hacks/Hackers Denmark [design + code]

IncPublishing.dk [code]

Infographics.com [design]

Ingeniøren/ing.dk [design + code]

Le Wagon Copenhagen [design + code + UX/UI]

Lyndgaard Media [design + code + UX/UI]

MarciPapineau.com [design + code + UX/UI]

MatchMyThesis.com [design + code + UX/UI]

Media Hack Days hackathon, Aarhus [design + code]

Money Magazine [design]

MTV [design]

Nickelodeon [design]

Penge og Privatøkonomi [design]

RailsGirls Copenhagen [code]

Time Out New York [design]

Time Warner [design]

University of Copenhagen [design]

WonderCoders [design + code]

What do I have to say for myself?