Restaurant review app for athletic travelers
Business Case

AktivFoodie is an international company based in Copenhagen. It provides a platform to help amateur athletes find healthy food experiences while traveling for sports events, such as marathons or Ironmans, through user reviews.

The Challenge

AktivFoodie had the start of a Wordpress app that needed some help. They needed the home screen to have more information, and it needed to be designed. It needed CSS customized, and more added to the page so it was inviting. The app also needed the ability for users to sign in and upload reviews– including adding an image.

Various screens from the mobile app
(Above clockwise starting top left) Intro screen, restaurants screens, restaurant review, restaurant location, and a user review.
Project Scope & Objectives

The app needed to have an inviting home page. It should guide users to read reviews and create their own if desired. It was a MUST to work on mobile, as that is where the majority of users are. But not only mobile, as users are also active on the platform from hotel rooms, on their computers.

Adding context with added content
Run. Eat. Repeat. was added to make the site more personal and inviting. Testimonials were also added to help people trust the product.
The Solution

I was able to get an inviting and easy to use app by the end of a 2 week period. It included:

✓ A product that worked great on mobile and desktop

✓ A home screen showing testimonials and reviews

✓ A user can sign up

✓ A user can write reviews and upload images

✓ A user can find directions directly with google map integration

The Team

Company Owner Donald Gong

Design and Development Marci Papineau Gottlieb

My Role

The idea of the app was super smart. I helped give more texture to the landing page– extra banners and reviews to give the app a more complete feeling. I introduced the concept for the banner including the image and the words, “Run, Eat, Repeat.“, as well as adding testimonials.

I finessed the CSS to make it look better, and experimented with plugins to get the correct functionality. All of it was done on a very tight deadline, as the newest version needed to be completed for a fast approaching Copenhagen Marathon.

Skills Utilized

» Coding and Designing in the Browser
» Responsive / Mobile First Code and Design
» Product Development

Tech Used

» Wordpress
» Wordpress plugins

The Process

Step 1 Brief with client.

Step 2 Handover of elements from client to designer.

Step 3 Work in Wordpress to design product and add content.

Step 4 Review with client.

Step 5 Revisions final hand over.

Project process snapshots
1. Material handover from client – icons and product specs.
2. Added elements (testimonials, and images) to give substance to product and start of rough design.
3. Filling in product details– real testimonials, slogan, “Run. Eat. Repeat.” images, and text styling for product.