Hi! I'm Marci, a designer and coder from New York City living and working in Copenhagen. I am available for positions and projects with webdesign, UI, product design, and html/css markup.
With years of experience working with designers, writers, developers, managers, and various stakeholders, I know how to create products that are engaging and meet expectations across departments and users.
Reach out and we can talk about what you are looking for. I look forward to hearing from you!
Sampling of Projects
Design & Product Development
App Design / Style Guide Creation / UI Design / Development Collaboration / Prototype Creation

Rails Girls Designed all stages of a mentorship app that will be used as a service connecting women newcomers to the field with mentors that can help them grow technically and professionally. Tools used: Figma, Whimsical and Adobe Creative Cloud.

App design and Wordpress Development
Wordpress / Custom CSS Code / Design

AktivFoodie.com Designed and coded restaurant review app made for amateur traveling athletes. Brought app to be production ready in 2 weeks time. Custom coded CSS. App has multiple functions– the ability to sign up, read and write restaurant reviews, and add the location of the restaurant via Google maps.

Mobile First Code & Product Development
Frontend Code / Django Development / Style Guide Design delivered in CSS / Responsive Web Design / Product Development

CPHUX.com Working together with a full stack developer and a UX designer, designed and coded HTML/CSS for a fully responsive website/application using, Python, Django, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

Functionality includes a homepage and subpages where a user can create a membership, join and pay. This was all done with an MVP approach so the product could be quickly released– thus making payments for membership quickly available.

Design Consultant
Information Graphic Redesign / Style Guide Creation / Design Rules for infographics

Børsen Redesigned and taught staff to create more informative and easy to understand graphics that would help readers to take actionable steps upon reading. Project culminated with a detailed style guide and a set of rules to use in graphic creation.

Art Director / Creative Director
Art Direction / Graphic Design / Information Graphic Design/ Editorial Design / User Experience Design

Editorial Design Worked as a designer, art director and design director for an extensive range of publications in New York City and Copenhagen. Hired and art directed photographers, illustrators and designers. Collaborated with all departments of publications– designers, art directors, writers, editors and printers.

Worked on staff at publications, as well as freelancing.

Visuals vary greatly between magazine types— for a teen magazine a teenage girl wants to see someone like herself and maybe some cute boys. An engineer will read something more complex and doesn't mind spending some time to understand a story. How do you explain the complex transfer of energy between countries visually? A family looking for advice on buying a new car might want to see something about cars that isn't what they would see in a car dealership.

Landing Page Design & Code
Art Direction / Digital Design / Product Development / Code

LyndgaardMedia.dk Art Directed, designed and coded a fully responsive website. All code is in HTML/CSS with the help of Bootstrap for a simple 100% responsive grid.

Process notes: Helped owner narrow down what she wanted to say and show. After making low fidelity wireframes, was able to quickly complete the design directly with HTML and CSS in the browser— so no high fidelity comps were needed– thus saving time and money.

Trusted Clients
» Aktivfoodie.com » Bloodlink.life » Bonnier Publications » Børsen » CPHUX.com » DesignToGo.dk » IncPublishing.dk » HacksHackers » Infographics.com » ing.dk » Le Wagon » Lyndgaardmedia.dk » MatchMyThesis.com » Media Hack Days Hackathon » Money Magazine » MTV » Penge og Privatøkonomi » Platypus » RailsGirls Copenhagen » Time Warner » University of Copenhagen » WonderCoders Denmark

» Atomic Design
» Coding and designing directly in the browser
» Corporate Identity
» Data Visualization
» Frontend Development
» Graphic Design
» Product Design
» Product Development
» Rapid Prototyping
» Responsive and Mobile First Code & Design
» Style Guide Creation
» User Experience Design (UX)
» User Interface Design (UI)
» User Journeys
» Wireframing

Tech Expert

» Adobe Creative Suite » Bootstrap » CSS » CSS Grid » Figma » Filezilla » Git » HTML » Illustrator » InDesign » Photoshop » Visual Studio Code

Tech Intermediate

Adobe XD » After Effects » Django » Git » Java Script » React » Ruby on Rails » SCSS » Wordpress


With a BFA from School of Visual Arts in New York City and a full-stack bootcamp completion in Copenhagen, I have the unique characteristic of being both a designer and coder.

I design and code fully responsive websites and apps– always optimized for mobile viewing.

I shape the design of all stages of product development including reusable component libraries.

I love working with teams to make ideas come to life. I am accomplished in making sure feature requests are capable of completion in a time frame agreed upon, and am aware of when compromise is needed.

I know how to ask questions in order to bring clarity to problems– resulting in getting various roles such as: designers, developers, founders, managers and UXers to work off the same page.

The only constant in technology is that there is no constant. I stay up-to-date by learning and following trends and methods of modern design and coding principles. My most recent online classes are: “Using motion design to animate with purpose and create delightful experiences” put on by Awwwards, and Process Master Class for in-depth UI/UX design by Nguyen Le.