Lyndgaard Media
Art Direction / Design / Code / Product Development

LyndgaardMedia.com Art Directed, designed and coded a fully responsive website. All code is in HTML/CSS with the help of Bootstrap for a simple 100% responsive grid.

Process notes: Helped owner narrow down what she wanted to say and show. After making low fidelity wireframes, was able to quickly complete the design directly with HTML and CSS in the browser— so no high fidelity comps were needed– thus saving time and money.

Match My Thesis
Product Development / Responsive Web Design / Ruby on Rails Development / User Experience & Interface Design

MatchMyThesis.com Created a fully responsive web application in collaboration with two other developers. Collaborated with team to to create user journeys and database (DB) layout. Based on the DB foundation, created wireframes and then designed, and coded the frontend.

Tech stack used: Ruby On Rails, SCSS, Bootstrap, Git, Heroku, Sketch, Illustrator and Photoshop. Features include a homepage, login forms and student and company pages.

Custom Code Wordpress Site

Bloodlink.life Coded fully responsive 5 page Wordpress site. Features include pop up YouTube videos, a FAQ section, Geo location, and social media links.

After recieving the Invision files, I drew wireframes to block out how I would code the pages. This was a great way to keep track of how many styles should be created.

After the wireframes were handed over I began to build the pages in Wordpress– interpreting all the styles provided in the orginal layouts.

Django Development / Frontend Code / Product Development / Style Guide in Code

CPHUX.com Working together with a talented full stack developer, designed and coded HTML/CSS for a fully responsive website/application using, Python, Django, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. Functionality includes a homepage where a user can create a membership, join, and pay- as well as subpages to see what classes the organization was hosting and the ability to sign up. This was all done with an MVP approach so the product could be quickly released - thus making the payment membership available.


» Atomic Design
» Coding and designing directly in the browser
» Corporate Identity
» Data Visualization
» Frontend Development
» Graphic Design
» Product Design
» Product Development
» Rapid Prototyping
» Responsive and Mobile First Code & Design
» Style Guide Creation
» User Experience Design (UX)
» User Interface Design (UI)
» User Journeys
» User Journeys
» Wireframing


» Adobe Creatvie Suite » Adobe XD » Bootstrap » CSS » CSS Grid» Django » Figma » FIlezilla » Git » HTML » Illustrator » InDesign » Photoshop » React » Ruby on Rails » SCSS » Visual Studio Code » Wordpress


I have a design degree from School of Visual Arts (SVA) in NYC, and have completed Le Wagon's Full Stack 9 week bootcamp.

These two educations give me the unique characteristic of being both a designer and coder.

I make websites and SaaS products – combining code and design for quick beautiful solutions.

I often design with code – directly in the browser to it can save time and money. When designing in code, we become aware of dificulties that may arise from a design, and can tackle them early in the process.

At the same time, in order to test the product I can work in Figma.

Note to Companies Looking for help
I can create quick iterations from wireframes and sketches to beautifully coded websites and interfaces.

Note to developers creating products
With the wireframes created, I can code them into pixel perfect interfaces. I have done full stack work with Rails, Django and React, and understand how to communicate with the backend people.

Special note to CEO’s, COOs…
I specialise in startups needing quick deployment. As a startup, you want the most for your money. Hire me and I will do your frontend design / UI and code at the same time.

Trusted Clients
» Aktivfoodie.com » Bloodlink.life » Bonnier Publications » Børsen » CPHUX.com » DesignToGo.dk » IncPublishing.dk » HacksHackers » Infographics.com » ing.dk » Le Wagon » Lyndgaardmedia.dk » MatchMyThesis.com » Media Hack Days Hackathon » Money Magazine » MTV » Penge og Privatøkonomi » Platypus » RailsGirls Copenhagen » Time Warner » University of Copenhagen » WonderCoders Denmark
What do I have to say for myself?
Hi! I'm Marci a designer and coder from NYC living and working from Copenhagen.
I and am avaliable for positions + projects with webdesign, UI, product design and frontend code.
Reach out and we can talk about what you are looking for. I look forward to hearing from you!